Find out why LEO will soon be your favourite!

LEO gets going without external support

  • Vehicles and stations are supplied ready-mounted.
  • Stick lane tapes on floor for indicating travel paths.
  • Place code markers on floor to define stop stations and navigation commands.
  • Place stations on their defined positions.
  • Put LEO vehicle on track - and get going!

LEO helps you put your ideas quickly into practice

  • Ideas supporting Kaizen and CPI processes can be realised and tested without long-term planning.
  • LEO Locative is a self-explanatory system - no need for costly and time-consuming training programmes.
  • This allows to correct and optimise workflows on short notice.
  • You will see at once whether an idea or a new workflow stands the test and if it does not, you react immediately.

LEO can be programmed by yourself without using a computer

  • All commands needed for directing LEO are provided by coded floor markers.
  • These codes provide all necessary information such as destinations, pick-up and drop-off stations, duration of stops, when to switch on/off warning signals or what to do when the battery is empty.
  • The automated guided vehicle scans the codes and follows the coded instructions.
  • LEO recognises lane colours indicating the correct way.

LEO does not need an interface

  • LEO Locative is an autonomous system that does not require a wireless local area network (WLAN) or a central computer.
  • The AGV has no need for either a monitoring system or a special control software.
  • LEO Locative reads commands by scanning coded floor markers.
  • Travel paths are determined by lane tapes.

LEO improves operational flexibility and efficiency

  • With low investment costs, the LEO system pays off quickly and is worthwhile even for short-time use.
  • Setting up and reconfiguring the system is easy - instant adaptation to new or changing requirements.

LEO can be handled without external support

  • You choose LEO routes, station type and position - there is no need for external support.
  • You do not need supplier support for layout planning.

LEO Locative


These benefits will help you decide whether LEO would be an ideal fit for your company!

LEO Locative links workstations by transporting goods and materials from A to B, by collecting or distributing loads or by assuming special-purpose transports. In short, LEO is ideal for all in-house transport jobs that make your intralogistics operations more efficient.
Automated guided vehicles can be used for moving products in many industries and businesses, such as for small parts handling in the electronics industry, in industrial engineering, the pharmaceutical and the automotive industry, in e-commerce or in wholesaling.

Have a look at LEO applications:

LEO transports goods and materials from A to B

  • Ideal for...

    • linking workstations to machines.
    • linking workstations to storage areas / warehouses.
    • linking two or more manufacturing areas / halls to each other.

    Your benefits:

    • Less walking for your operators
    • No downtimes
    • Less workspace occupied (no need to keep an empty bin supply at workstation)
    • Ergonomic working, heavy bins do not have to be carried around

LEO collects goods and materials

  • Ideal for...

    • collecting loads at workstations.
    • taking returns to further processing.
    • retrieving empty bins at workstations.

    Your benefits:

    • Operators can fully concentrate on their work without having to take care of how to get bins to the next workstation or what do do with empty bins.
    • Material transport is automated.
    • No space required for keeping empty bins at workstations.

LEO distributes goods and materials

  • Ideal for...

    • continuously supplying workstations with materials from storage areas / warehouses.
    • multi-order picking.
    • transporting returns/repairs from re-work to dispatch.

    Your benefits:

    • Automated material supply
    • Floors space between workstations remains unblocked.
    • Travel routes can be clearly defined and are strictly followed at all times.

LEO takes goods to QM stations / makes special-purpose transports

  • Ideal for...

    • carrying samples to quality control zones or laboratories and returning them again.
    • (re-)routing custom-built items or product variations.
    • regularly taking tools or drawings from a depot to workstations.

    Your benefits:

    • Quality control capacity is increased.
    • Automated handling even of smaller production quantities.
    • Set-up times can be reduced.

LEO Locative adapts to changing needs

    • The number of LEO vehicles can be adapted as required.
    • Travel paths can easily be re-routed or extended.
    • Pick-up and drop-off stations can be added or removed as required.
    • Routes and stations can be repositioned without external support.

LEO supports material flow between workstations in line production.

  • Distances between machines or workstations are no longer an issue. LEO Locative moves your materials or semi-finished products.
  • There is no need to relocate machinery if production sequences change.
  • The time it takes to transport a load from A to B can be used as time buffer between processing steps. In-house transport times become predictable and manufacturing steps can be precisely timed.
  • The space between machines and workstations remains clear of goods!

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